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Summer at the Acres 2022

Week 2 (July 17 - 22)


Darryl Dash

Keynote Speaker
Sunday 10 AM & Mon-Thurs 6:30 PM

Darryl Dash is the author of 8 Habits for Growth. He serves as pastor of Liberty Grace Church in Toronto. He is also cofounder of Gospel for Life. He has a Doctor of Ministry degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and has over 25 years of ministry experience. Darryl is married to Charlene and has two adult children and one grandchild. You can find Darryl online at


Nathan Keys

Sunday 10 AM & Mon-Thurs 6:30 PM

Nathan Keys is a worship leader, singer/songwriter and passionate about leading people in worship to the throne of God. Nathan has been leading worship at a local church in Winnipeg, Manitoba for the last 10 years and in recent years writing songs for the church. It is Nathans's mission when leading or writing to carry out the message in John 4:24. To worship God in Spirit and Truth. May our hearts be sincere and aligned by His Truth when we come before God and worship him above all other names.


Danielle Foisy

Mon-Fri 10:45 AM

Hi friend! My name is Danielle Elizabeth and I am a faith-based Trauma Recovery & Mental Health coach. The truth is we all have mental health, and being a Christian doesn't exempt us from the struggles we will have here on earth. We will dig into emotional healing, healing wounds and rebuilding on a solid foundation filled with tools and strategies for a life filled with peace, freedom and stability. I am passionate about supporting your healing and recovery journey, especially about bringing Jesus into the process!


Andrew Mackay

Youth Ministry
Mon-Fri 10 AM - 12 PM

Andrew lives and works in Picton, Ontario, and has been married to Ann-Marie for almost 23 years. They have two amazing kids (Brenna & Aidan) who have been involved in various Wesley Acres activities since before they were born.
Andrew got hooked on youth ministry after being a part of an awesome youth group at Arlington Woods Free Methodist Church, and spending a summer at Circle Square Ranch as an LIT. Summer Camp ministry holds a special place in his heart. He has served in Youth ministry at Picton Free Methodist Church and is currently Associate Director at Quinte Youth Unlimited.
Andrew’s top 3 YouTube feed features “How to fix an iPhone”, “Keep It Real Skateboarding Ministry” & “Dude Perfect Stereotypes”. His Youth Ministry is heavily inspired by what he sees on YouTube.


Eli Verkuyl

Youth Ministry
Mon-Fri 10 AM - 12 PM

Eli Verkuyl has been involved in Youth ministry for the better part on 10 years, serving in lay and leadership roles. Married for 15 years and a father of 2, Eli claims to be armed with nothing but “Bro-Science and Holy Ghost”.
Eli leads a ministry called Bibles and Barbells, in which fitness is used as a tool to grow in wisdom and discipline, serving Christ with ones strength and mind.
In addition he’s passionate about working in recovery based ministry; helping students find freedom from addiction and unhealthy patterns. He’s a preacher at heart and he loves Jesus.


Carol Kenny

Kid's Blast
Mon-Fri 9 AM - 12 PM

I have been involved with Wesley Acres for several years. I have always had a passion for children's ministry at camp as that is where as a young child I gave my heart to the Lord. During the school year teach music part-time. I live north of Kingston on a farm where we raise cattle, make maple syrup and have a variety of other small endeavours.


Kathy Gust

Women's Ministry
Mon-Fri 9:30 AM

Kathy is a spiritual director living in Burlington, Ontario, with her husband and four children. She's been a part of the Wesley Acres community since 2013. Kathy loves to facilitate welcoming, interactive workshops for people to connect with God. She values family, friendship, authenticity, creativity, and learning and is looking forward to experiencing these at Wesley Acres this summer. To learn more about Kathy, please visit

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