Becoming a member of Wesley Acres Inc. means you can have a say in this wonderful ministry that serves all ages. An annual meeting is held every summer giving members the opportunity to share their insight and vision for Wesley Acres as well as vote in new members of the WAI Board.


Important dates for Wesley Acres Inc. 2022:


May 31: Applications for Membership closed in preparation for the AGM (Applications for membership will not be accepted from June 1, 2022 – June 26, 2022


June 4: 2021 Audited financial statements posted


June 25: Annual General Meeting 10:00am


June 27: Applications for Membership re-opened.


December 1: 2023 Membership Applications Accepted


December 31: 2022 Wesley Acres Inc. membership expires


Wesley Acres is a charitable organization and we rely on partnerships with people like you. There are many ways that you can support our ministries.