Sunday is Special! Our guest speaker gets to introduce the series for the week. Sunday morning service is held at 10 AM and an evening service is offered at 7 PM. When the auditorium comes alive with worshipers, Summer at the Acres has been launched. As people gather and exit, shake hands or exchange hugs, this confirms the reality of community life here. Children's Church takes place during both morning both morning and evening services. 

  Teens are a part of the Sunday morning services and each week the team leaders will determine the specific program for the evening. It willalways end with fun and fellowship and the evening will be developed by skillful youth leaders.

  Sunday gives opportunity for rest, relaxation and relationship building. Some head to the beach while others head for the woods but there is a general sense of celebration everywhere. Work projects and power tools give way to boat rides and campfires. Inevitably, when Sunday comes to a close, people are telling stories of the influence of corporate worship, the power of God's word, and the amazing impact of quality Christian fellowship.



1391 Wesley Acres Rd, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0