1. General Information

Wesley Acres Retreat Centre & Campground is a year-round, Christian facility situated on West Lake in Prince Edward County across from the Sandbanks. With wide open spaces and access to the water, there is a wide variety of recreational activities to enjoy. You also have the opportunity to personalize a retreat to fit the needs of your group. We offer a variety of accommodation options so we can tailor your special event to meet both your expectations and your budget.


2. Policies & Guidelines

Bookings & Cancellations


i.   A booking is not secured until the signed booking agreement is returned with the deposit.


ii.  Prices are based on group package rates, there is no rebate for members of your group who arrive late or leave early, unless previously arranged with the office.


iii. In the event of cancellation, if our office is not notified within 90 days of the retreat then no refund will be returned. If more than 90 days notice is given then 50% of your deposit will be returned.



i.   Bed linens and towels are provided in Mapledene Motel, the Don Deyo Centre, and in Aldersgate Lodge. No linens or towels are provided in Cabins - you must bring your own items for sleeping in the cabin bunk beds.


ii.  No animals, weapons, illegal substances, or alcohol are permitted in Wesley Acres accommodations. Also, please do not bring small appliances (toaster ovens, kettles, etc.); we provide some appliances in some rooms.


iii. Any damages will be the responsibility of the group and will be billed to you.


iv. Check-in time on the day of arrival is 3PM. Check-out time is 10AM, unless you are staying for lunch in which case it is 1PM, or unless prior arrangements have been made with the office.


v.  Wesley Acres is an alcohol and smoke free environment.

Program Guidelines


i.   Our Program person would be happy to talk to you about arranging any program that you might need.


ii.  We also have sporting equipment available for your use. There may be a cost for some of these services.


iii. Meal times are as follows and will remain these times unless prior arrangements have been made with the office.

     Breakfast @ 8AM

     Lunch @ 12PM

     Dinner @ 5PM

Wesley Acres General Guidelines




Guests must not commit, permit, or carry on anything on Wesley Acres property that would be considered by a reasonable person to result in a nuisance or to be an annoyance or to be offensive.


Personal Conduct


a) Worth of Persons: Guests should not demean, abuse, or depersonalize others, but should respect the worth, rights, and needs of others. Inappropriate action of this nature will result in disciplinary action by the executive director or designate.


b) Attire: Modesty in attire and conduct, suitable to each particular activity, must reflect Christian standards.


c) Profanity: Please refrain from using any profanity while on the property


d) Sunday Guidelines: In keeping the Sabbath principle in a Lord's Day setting, we participate in public or private worship. Individuals are accountable to God personally for their Sunday activities, and should ask God for wisdom to spend this time in the way most pleasing to Him. Nevertheless, please refrain from any non-essential work on Sunday.


e) Quiet Time: Quiet time is from 11PM to 7AM. The accommodations at Wesley Acres are close together and many people keep their windows open at night. Noise levels during this time should be low enough so as to not disturb a neighbour.


f)  Pets: People are discouraged from bringing pets to Wesley Acres.


Smoking and Alcohol


All Wesley Acres programs and public spaces are smoke and alcohol free. There is a smoking zone at the west end of the Don Deyo Centre. Drunkenness and illicit use of drugs are prohibited even in private residences.


Damage Reporting


All damage to Wesley Acres property must be reported to the executive director or designate.


Age of Guests


Any minor (any person under the age of 18) who is not registered for an organized event and/or is not staying in the same unit as a parent or guardian, must provide a written statement to the office from an adult who is over the age of 25, on the property, and accepts responsibility for the minor. 




Trees and shrubs at Wesley Acres may not be cut down except with written permission from the executive director or designate, regardless of location - shoreline, greenbelt, forest, and any major trees/shrubs situated on Leaseholders' lots that would be considered public.




The greenbelt extends around the entire shoreline of the Wesley Acres property. It extends inland 150 feet from the top of the shoreline bank. Parking, or temporary storage of boats, trailers, campers, or other vehicles, is prohibited on the greenbelt.


3. Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to book my group?


In order to book, you need to confirm a date with our office and then return the booking agreement with the deposit. The booking agreement can be faxed, emailed, or sent by postal mail.

What are the rooms like?


We have four different types of rooms:

  • Mapledene Motel - 16 private rooms with 4 piece bathrooms; each room has a double bed and double pullout sofa; 8 rooms have kitchenette facilities; all rooms have kettles, coffee pots, mini fridges, and microwaves; linens and towels provided.

  • Don Deyo Centre - 12 private rooms with 4 piece bathrooms; 8 rooms have a queen bed, 4 rooms have a queen bed and double pullout sofa; all rooms have coffee pots; linens and towels provided.

  • Aldersgate Lodge - 7 rooms; rooms vary with 2 double beds, or 1 double bed and 2 single beds; washrooms and shower facilities are gender shared; linens and towels provided.

  • Cabins - 6 cabins; each cabin has around 8 bunk beds (can sleep 16-22) and two 2 piece bathrooms (toilet and sink only); must use public showers; must bring own sleeping bags, pillows, and towels.

How many meeting rooms are available?


We have a few options for meeting rooms:

  • Douglas Memorial Centre - our main conference centre with two floors. The upper floor is the auditorium which can hold up to 350 people with just chairs or about 160 people with chairs around tables. The lower floor has a meeting room called the ES Bull Room which can hold 60-80 people.

  • Portable - a small building next to the Douglas Memorial Centre that can hold up to 30 people.

  • Aldersgate Lodge Lounge - a small meeting room that can hold up to 20 people.

Can we bring or cook our own food?


We allow small groups (under 20 people) to book and use Aldersgate Lodge's Kitchen for preparing their own food. Larger groups are expected to eat in our Dining Hall. We also have a kitchen in the lower Douglas Memorial Centre for preparing/warming food only - no cooking of meals is permitted in that kitchen.

If your group has special food needs, please let us know well in advance so that we can notify the Dining Hall staff.

What happens when we check in?


The group leaders will go to the Welcome Centre to register. There they will receive a key box which holds each person's room key. We will ask for a copy of the room assignments - for safety reasons we are required to know who is staying where. You will be taken to your conference room where you can greet your group members.

If keys are missing upon departure, you will be billed $5.00 per key as a replacement charge.

It is the responsibility of the group leader to ensure each participant is aware of the Wesley Acres General Guidelines (please see previous section).

What recreational activities are available?


Depending on which season you come, we will try to make available to you the following activities.

Prior arrangement is required, and some activities will result in additional charges.



  • Canoeing / Kayaking

  • Low Ropes (extra cost)

  • Nature Walks

  • Shuffleboard

  • Floor Hockey

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Pickleball

  • Beach Volleyball

  • Soccer

  • Wagon Ride (extra cost)

  • Campfire



  • Tobogganing

  • Cross Country Skiing (bring your own equipment)

  • Skating (weather permitting; bring your own skates)

  • Ice Fishing (weather permitting; bring your own equipment)