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1. General Information

Wesley Acres Retreat Centre & Campground is a year-round, Christian facility situated on West Lake in Prince Edward County across from the Sandbanks. With 250 acres of recreational area and miles of shoreline, there is an almost unlimited variety of recreational activities to enjoy. You also have the opportunity to personalize a retreat to fit the needs of your group. Flexible facilities and staff enable us to serve families as well as larger groups (seasonal limits may apply). We offer a variety of accommodation options so we can tailor your special event to meet both your expectations and your budget.

General Info

2. Policies & Guidelines

Bookings & Cancellations


i.   A booking is not secured until the signed booking agreement is returned with the deposit.


ii.  Prices are based on group package rates, there is no rebate for members of your group who arrive late or leave early, unless previously arranged with the office.


iii. If cancellation occurs 90 days prior to scheduled booking, the deposit will be refunded less an $100 admin fee. If cancellation occurs 60-90 days prior to scheduled booking, half of the deposit will be refunded less an $100 admin fee. If cancelled within 60 days of scheduled booking, the deposit is non-refundable.



i.   Bed linens and towels are provided in Mapledene Motel, the Don Deyo Centre, and in Aldersgate Lodge. In Harbour Ridge Cabins, you must bring your own linens, pillows, and towels as these are not provided.


ii.  Dogs are only permitted in the cottage and cabins, not in any other accommodations.


iii. Any damages will be the responsibility of the group and will be billed to you.


iv. Check-in time on the day of arrival is 4pm. Check-out time is 11pm if you are staying for lunch. If you are leaving after breakfast on the day of departure check-out is 11am. Check-in and check-out time can be adjusted if previously arranged with Guest Services.


Program Guidelines


i.   We would be happy to talk to you about arranging any program that you might need.


ii.  We have a full sound system available, for a fee, in our Conference Centre.


iii. We also have sporting equipment available for your use. There may be a cost for some of these services.


iv. Meal times are as follows and will remain these times unless prior arrangements have been made with the office.

Breakfast @ 8:30AM

Lunch @ 12PM

Dinner @ 5PM


Wesley Acres General Guidelines




Guests must not commit, permit, or carry on anything on Wesley Acres property that would be considered by a reasonable person to result in a nuisance or to be an annoyance or to be offensive.


Personal Conduct


aAttire: Modesty in attire and conduct, suitable to each particular activity, must reflect Christian standards.


b) Sunday Guidelines: Please refrain from any non-essential work on Sunday. Sunday is a day of public and private worship. Due to the diversity of those participating in the ministries of Wesley acres, it is the policy thatIn keeping the Sabbath principle in a Lord's Day setting, we participate in public or private worship. Individuals are accountable to God personally for their Sunday activities, and should ask God for wisdom to spend this time in the way most pleasing to Him. Nevertheless, please refrain from any non-essential work on Sunday.


c) Quiet Time: Quiet time is from 11PM to 7AM. People are expected to be in their accommodation during this time.

Smoking and Alcohol


All Wesley Acres programs and public spaces are smoke and alcohol free. Smoking, vaping, and legal and illegal substances are forbidden. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the grounds.




a) Vehicles must be driven within the posted speed limits.

b) Persons under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while riding a bicycle, to conform to Provincial regulations.

c) Provincial highway regulations apply to all motor bikes and All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATV’s) operated on WA grounds:

      i)   The operator must be at least 16 years old.

      ii)  The driver and all riders must wear protective helmets.

      iii) The vehicle must be, licensed for the highway, have a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance, and may only

d) Firearms, hunting bows and hunting are not permitted on the grounds, except with specific permission from the Executive Director.

e) All swimming is at your own risk.

f) Campfires are subject to Ministry of Natural Resources regulations.  They must always be attended to and thoroughly extinguished before being left.  Fires must be at least 10 ft. from a mobile, trailer, building or shed.



a) All damage to Wesley Acres' property must be reported to the Main Office.


b) Any minor (any person under the age of 18) who is not registered for an organized event and/or is not staying in the same unit as a parent or guardian, must provide Guest Services with a written statement from someone on the grounds who is over 25 and who accepts responsibility for them.


3. Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to book my group?


In order to book, you need to confirm a date with our office and then return the booking agreement with the deposit. The booking agreement can be emailed, or postal mailed.

What are the rooms like?


We have four different styles of rooms. 

  • Mapledene Motel - 13 private rooms with 4 piece bathrooms; 8 rooms with 1 queen bed, 5 rooms with 2 double beds. 8 rooms have kitchenette facilities. All rooms are equipped with kettles & coffee pots, fridges and microwaves. All linens and towels are provided.

  • Don Deyo Centre - 12 private rooms with 4 piece bathrooms; 8 rooms have a queen bed, 4 rooms have a queen bed and double pullout sofa. Each room has a private washroom & shower. All rooms have coffee pots; All linens and towels are provided. Coffee pots in each room.

  • Aldersgate Lodge - 7 rooms; 6 rooms with 2 double beds and 1 room with 1 double bed. Washroom/shower facilities are shared. Linens and towels can be provided.

  • Cabins - 6 cabins; 2 rooms bed bunk style with bathrooms. Each cabin can accommodate between 10-18 people (depending on age). Must bring own sleeping bags/pillows & towels. Must use public showers.

How many meeting rooms are available?


There are 2 main meeting rooms available.

We have a conference centre called the Douglas Memorial Centre (DMC) with 2 levels.  Upper level can accommodate up to 400 seated worship style or about 120 around tables & chairs.  The lower-level meeting area, called the Fireplace Room can accommodate up to 60 people seated worship style or 50 people around tables.

We also have classrooms in the lower DMC that can accommodate up to 20 people for a breakout room.

Smitty’s Lounge or the Board Room can be used as a meeting room for a small group of up to 12 people.

Can we bring or cook our own food?


Small groups are welcome to bring their own food and use our warming kitchen in the lower Douglas Memorial Centre. Large groups are expected to eat in our Dining Hall. If your group has special food needs, please make that known to Guest Services at least 2 weeks prior to arrival. Generally, the minimum we will cook for is 20. There will be an additional charge for groups under 20. Outside catering services are only permitted if Wesley Acres Food Services is not available.

What happens when we check in?


The group leaders will go to the Welcome Centre to register. There they will receive a key box, which holds each person’s room key. We ask at this time a copy of the room assignments is left with the office staff – for safety reason.  We are required to know who is staying where.

If upon departure, keys are missing, you will be billed $ 5.00 per key as a replacement charge. 

It is the responsibility of the group retreat leader to ensure each participant is aware of the Wesley Acres General Guidelines (please see previous section).

What recreational activities are available?


Depending upon which season you come to Wesley Acres, there is always a host of activities available!

Please inquire into the activities that are of interest, some charges do apply.



  • Canoeing / Kayaking

  • Beachfront

  • Nature Walks

  • Shuffleboard

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Volleyball

  • Soccer

  • Campfire

Winter (bring your own equipment)


  • Tobogganing

  • Cross Country Skiing

  • Skating (weather permitting)

  • Ice Fishing 

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