Community Guidelines


Behaviour: Courtesy characterizes Christian behaviour. We care about each other, including you.


Services: Attendance at every service, seminar or prayer group is not required or even expected but respect for these sacred gatherings is assumed.


Sundays: Sunday is a special day at Wesley Acres. Worship and relaxation replace work projects.


Quiet Time: All guests are expected to be quiet from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. Individuals under the age of 18 are asked to stay on their campsites or in their accommodations after 11:00 pm.


Smoking and Alcohol: All Wesley Acres programs and public spaces are smoke and alcohol free. (What is a public space? A public space is any space visible to neighbours or guests of Wesley Acres).


Waterfront: The waterfront is for everybody. Please keep the greenbelt clear.


Speed limit: The speed limit at Wesley Acres is 15 km/hr. Drivers of any motorized vehicle must be 16 yrs+. The number of golf cart passengers is limited to the number of seats in the golf cart. Riding a towed trailer or boat is strictly prohibited. ATVs, dirt bikes and similar motorized vehicles must be licensed and insured, and must stay on marked roads. Drivers must wear helmets.


Sign in: Overnight visitors please sign in at the Welcome Centre, so we can find you in emergencies.


Recreation: Whether on land or water, recreation is at your own risk.


Pets: If your pet is with you at camp, please remember these words - leash and scoop!


Hunting: This is not a hunting place so please leave your guns and bows at home.


Campfires: Campfires are great as long as the County hasn’t banned them during dry seasons. Please remember to fully extinguish your campfire when finished.


Bikes: All persons under 18 yrs. of age must wear helmets when riding bikes on site. Bikes must stay off sidewalks and lights are required after dark.


Safety: The safety of our guests and staff is a top priority . Please bring any concerns to the Welcome Centre so we can address them appropriately. In an emergency contact the Welcome Centre at 613-393-3159 or after hours, call 613-920-3159.

In the case of a camp emergency situation, announcements will be made in chapel and posted at the Welcome Centre.

1391 Wesley Acres Rd, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0